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Run What You Brung

Full Descriptions – On Road Classes:


Chassis – 190mm 4wd

Motor – Roar Approved Hand Out 21.5 ( $5 per day rental or $30 for 6 months )
Lipo – 2s hardcase (8.4v limit)

Esc – Roar Approved Blinky

Body – Roar Approved USGT body
Tires – Track Spec (Gravity RC USGT)

Weight – 1380g

Super Stock Touring:

Chassis – 190mm 4wd

Motor – Hand Out 13.5 ( $5 per day rental or $30 for 6 months )
Lipo – 2s hardcase (8.4v limit)

Esc – Roar Approved Blinky

Body – Roar Approved Touring Body
Tires – Track Spec

Weight – 1350g

Mod Touring:

Chassis – 190mm 4wd

Motor – Roar Approved

Lipo – 2s hardcase (8.4v limit)

Esc – Roar Approved

Body – Roar Approved Touring body
Tires – Track Spec

Weight – 1350g

Tamiya Euro Truck Stock Spec:

Chassis – Euro Truck, Tamiya Part Number 58632 or 58642 only

Motor – Stock, “torque tuned” Tamiya 550, with bullet connectors

Lipo – 2 cell (2S) round style only, max 4200 mAh, any battery connector style

Esc – Stock

Body – Stock, trimmed on lines, must be painted and include hitch, mirrors optional

Tires – Stock, stock silver (recommended) or optional black rims, may run front rims all around (durability issue)

Other – Truck must be built in the long wheelbase configuration, per manual, and remain in fully stock form with the following exceptions:

– ANY 19T Mod 0.6 pinion (Robinson Racing RRP1119 recommended, kit has aluminum which will wear)

– Any servo and radio

– CAN remove forward nub on battery hold down for battery fitment

– Bearings instead of bushings (recommended)

– Gluing the tires is allowed (recommended)

– Mirrors optional (but recommended)

Notes – Rules intend to allow listed deviations from box stock build and ban all performance/weight related ones. You may not shorten motor or battery wires, shave/shape parts, change springs, use shock or diff fluids, etc. Some tracks may require silver rims and/or mirrors, so both are recommended.

Run What Your Brung

Any Clean Chassis Free Of Dirt

Motor – Any

Lipo – Any up to 2 cell (2S)

Esc – Any

Body – Any

Tires – Any

Full Descriptions – Dirt Oval

Stock Slash

TRAXXAS SLASH or RAPTOR original chassis only (no LCG)

Short Course Style Body

Aluminum Shock Caps

all other components of the truck must remain as they come in the box


TRAXXAS SLASH or RAPTOR original chassis only (no LCG)

Any Radio

Original MFG suspension parts only, no other parts allowed (such as from RPM)

Original MFG chassis parts only, no aftermarket hop-ups, no optional aluminium parts

Front bumper, right side bumper and front body post brace must be removed

Left side and rear bumpers can also be removed (if desired) **rear RPM bumper is allowed**

TRAXXAS front optional bumper (TRA2735) can be used (angled down)

Major alterations to the chassis or modification to drivetrain/suspension components is not allowed

Electronics (rx/esc/amb) must be installed within chassis surface (no outside installation)

Battery brace can be trimmed to allow different LiPo battery wire configuration

Any original TRAXXAS SLASH rubber tire/wheel/inserts (BFG / KUMHO / SPEC) any wheel combination of the SAME TIRE TYPE (ie..4 fronts, 4 rears, 3 front 1 rear…)

TRAXXAS 12t brushed motor AND XL5 esc ONLY

Original TRAXXAS 2075 servo

TRAXXAS 2075x (servo) AND TRAXXAS 2072x (gears) are allowed as ‘alternative’ parts/servo

The “SAVOX SC-0252MG Digital Servo” is allowed, this is an ‘alternative’ servo

SAVOX gear set (SAVSGSC0251MG) can be used to ‘upgrade’ the TRAXXAS 2075 to metal gears

it is allowed to ‘pin’ the servo saver(white) or bell crank(black)…be advised the servo gears might get broken under a
heavy crash!!!

original TRAXXAS plastic servo saver/bell crank only (white or black system) it is allowed to mix the components
(ie.. black servo horn with white bell crank)

It is allowed to use a solid (one piece) servo horn (any brand)

2-cell 7.4v LiPo battery with a maximum of 5200mah and 50c, with external plug only (no “bullet type” connector)

TRAXXAS 76/83/86/90 spur with all transmission parts in place (slipper)

Any pinion size

No modifications can be made to the transmission’s case (ie.. to allow a bigger gear ratio)

The gear cover must be removed if asked. The only adjustments allowed to the car are those allowed by the original MFG components of the car

You are allowed to use any original wheel spacer combination (Black, Grey or any combination of both types)

Transmission functionality rule (motor can not spin while turning slowly one rear wheel a full turn) Traxxas SLASH *STEEL* transmission gears only (internal plastic transmission gears not allowed)

Adding weight (in any way) is not allowed, wheel balancing is allowed (sole purpose of balancing, not to add weight)

– TRAXXAS 2WD plastic shocks only (grey or black version) (fronts in front, rears in rear)

Original Rear(TRAXXAS 5858) and Front springs (TRAXXAS 5857) (no LCG kit springs or aftermarket springs)

Front springs may be cut in order to shorten them (no more than 5 round removed on ONE end)

The shock’s travel may be shortened with internal shims (ie..fuel tube or solid shims…)

Original shafts in original cylinder (length and type in proper cylinder)

Original pistons from kit only (original 1,2 or 3 hole), no modifications can be made to them

No front bump stop suspension, a single original blue bump stop can be used per rear shock (not mandatory)

No shimming allowed (to reduce slop in suspension parts)

All suspension parts (such as A-Arms) must remain in original positions it was designed for (no swapping left to right)

rear camber links must remain in original height position (upper hole on shock tower not allowed)

Street Stock

Any 1/10th scale buggy. Must be a factory based off-road buggy.

Approved manufacturers are Associated, Losi, Traxxas, Kyosho, Durango, Team C, Xray, Yokomo, Hobao H2 3Racing.

Chassis must remain stock, no aftermarket/non-oem upgrades except RPM Brand parts desinged for the chassis.

OEM Option parts sold by these companies desiged for their cars are allowed.

Big Bore and threaded OEM Shocks are allowed.

SPRINGS: They can be from any manufacturer in the RC Industry not only OEM.

Rear wheel drive only.

Mid or rear motor allowed.

Adjustable rear A arms are NOT allowed.

Tires: Open

Motor: ROAR Legal 13.5

ESC: Bliky


Must be closed windowed.

Max 1” Spoiler measured from the deck. No End caps allowed.

Approved Bodies are:

Custom Works – Part #9002,9075

J Concepts – Part #0395

McCallister Racing – Part #268, 264, 306, 290, 134, 136, 159, 181, 182, 292, 303, 313, 125, 318

MR/Kustoms – Part #18SS1W, 17SSPW, 18SS1S, 17SSPS

Shark RC Bodies – Part #001- Hammerhead, #002- Outcast

SC Mod

Must be a SC Based Chassis

Carbon fiber chassis allowed. Must meet the following specs.

All suspension components, transmission, front and rear bulkheads must be on center line of the vehicle.

All larger volume OEM Chassis are legal IE “AE,TLR,Traxxas”

Aftermarket or specifically built chassis and kits must conform to the following specifications.

Maximum Chassis width 7”

Minimum Chassis width 5 1/8”

Maximum left side of chassis can be from centerline is 3 1/2”

Right side must be a minimum of 2.25” from centerline to outside edge of chassis.

Cages: Must represent a cage, no solid plastic cages, must be cut the same on both sides.

Minimum wheelbase 12.5”

Maximum wheelbase 13.5”

Shock bodies min length 1”

Front Track width Min 11.42” *UPDATED TO MEET ROAR SPECS*

Front track width Max 11.65” *UPDATED TO MEET ROAR SPECS*

Front Suspension arms must be equal size left and right

Rear Suspension arms must be equal size left and right

Adjustable Rear Suspension arms are allowed.

Battery must be mounted on the centerline of the vehicle. Can be either designed front to back or sideways across the chassis but center of battery must be on centerline of chassis.




For Body Rules Please See SC MOD

Midwest Mod


Full Descriptions – Asphalt Oval Classes

Bush Series

Any rear wheel drive pan car chassis.

CRC Rubber Tire


Any Pan Car NASCAR style oval body

(Preferred Not mandatory) Bodies resemble a racecar with car numbers on sides/roof, with grill/headlights (decal or painted).

Must use 48 pitch 81 tooth spur and 17 – 20 pinion.


4600 Mah Max bullet style connectors hard case lipo Shorty or standard.

Must use Dynamite 20T brushed motor. Motors can not be opened from original factory state. You can solder direct. No fans or heat sinks allowed on the motor during racing.

Weight and Ride Height:
38 ounces race ready. 4mm ride height.


TT-01E platform using the same concept as Euro Truck.

No upgrades except those listed here.

TBLE-02S brushed/brushless ESC. Torque-tuned motor.

“Round” lipo pack 4200 mAh.

Bearings highly recommended, as is a hardened steel pinion.

Wide rear hexes optional.

Nastruck body required

Stock Tamiya slicks for tires, TAM50454. The rims (i.e. TAM53453 for black) are hard to find, and at $9 a pair rather pricey. I think we can simply bake off Solaris rims and use those…

Gearing will be spec at the stock kit gearing  19T Pinion Stock Spur.

Run What You Brung

Any Clean Chassis Free Of Dirt

Motor – Any

Lipo – Any up to 2 cell (2S)

Esc – Any

Body – Any

Tires – Any